M Arshad Majeed, Suneela Sardar and S R Malik

    Abstract: Working solution comprising anthraquinone and its derivatives, used for preparation of hydrogen peroxide, leads to the formation of byproducts. These byproducts contain highly complex mixture of degradation products, which cannot take active part in the production of hydrogen peroxide, and cause higher viscosity and density of working solution. The low viscosity is important for mechanical reasons in cycling of the working solution through the equipment and density must be substantially different from the density of the water hydrogen peroxide solution resulting from water extraction of the hydrogen peroxide from the organic phase, in order to facilitate the extraction. The degradation products must be extracted from the working solution to prevent deteriorating the crude hydrogen peroxide color, smell, dissolved organic compounds and increase in density and viscosity of the working solution. A decrease in surface tension of the working solution promotes the formation of an emulsion during extraction degradation products decrease the activity and life time of the hydrogenation catalyst. Regeneration of the working solution for bringing it back to the good health a solvent Tetra Butyl Urea (TBU) is added in degraded working solution in a different proportion.

    Keywords: Regeneration, Anthraquinone, Tetra Butyl Urea, Degradation.

    Pages: 34 – 39 | Full PDF Paper