• Two Problems of Rhythmical Manufacturing Process

    Vladimir Savelyev

    Abstract: In this paper, a relationship between two problems of manufacturing process planning with an unstable (fluctuating) sequence of raw materials supply is considered. The first problem is a problem of smoothing of the initial sequence using a stock of limited volume for raw materials. This problem is stated and solved as a problem of convex programming subject to constraints produced by the presence of the stock. The second problem (which is not classical) is to find such a plan that satisfies the constraints and has the least number of changes of manufacturing process intensity. It is shown that the optimal plan to the first problem may be a solution to the second problem under certain conditions, in general case it gives the possibility to determine a lower bound of changes for each feasible plan.

    Keywords: smoothing, convex programming, active constraints, number of changes.

    Pages: 701 – 713 | Full PDF Paper