• Riemann Function and Relativistic Structure

    Wang Yiping

    Zhejiang Quzhou Association of Senior Scientists and Technicians Zhejiang Quzhou 324000.

    China • Qianjiang Mathematics and Power Engineering Institute Zhejiang Quzhou 324000.

    Abstract: It has pointed out that pointwise is a quantized unit concept of Riemann function, which features random “asymmetry, inhomogeneity and discontinuity”. It establishes the abstract relativistic structure of dimensionless quantities (called circular logarithm and super symmetric matrix unit) by application of the principle of relativity so as to ensure the “normativity and invariability” of every pointwise numerical value, location, property, topology and zero error, and achieve, with Riemann function, “topological variational rules without any specific content and accurate resolution that the number of elements and critical points (1/2) are all at the {1/2} Z straight line”. This computing method is simple, stable, self-consistent and pragmatic and features extensive applicability for multiple disciplines.

    Keywords: Riemann function, pointwise quantization, relativity structure (circular log), critical point of limit value

    Pages: 31 – 43 | Full PDF Paper