• MMR Encryption Algorithm as an Alternative Encryption Algorithm to RSA Encryption Algorithm

    Remzi Aktay

    Kecioren Sehit Halil Isilar Middle School

    In this study, a public key encryption algorithm is tried to be developed. Unlike other public key encryption algorithms, it is desired to create a monitoring key next to the open and closed keys. While creating the algorithm, the equivalence of a^(10^(n-1))-b^(10^(n-1))≡0 (mod 10n) is used. Based on this equivalence, algorithms and keys have been created using modular arithmetic rules, Euclidean Algorithm, Euler Theorem, Euler Function, Factoring rules. The first difference of this algorithm from other algorithms is the observation key. In the event that private keys are stolen or cracked, hidden text or data cannot be accessed without a observation key. The second difference is that the receiver’s private key, public key and observation key can take infinite values. For now, it is not a problem for the keys to take limited values ​​in other algorithms. However, with the development and speed of the quantum computers, this will be a problem in the future. There are studies that have been successful in this regard. The third difference is that this algorithm has its own character code table. In addition, this algorithm is safer against side channel attacks.

    Keywords: Encryption, Private Key, Monitoring Key, Euclid Algorithm, Euler’s Theorem, Side Channel Attacks, Public Key Encryption.

    Pages: 301 – 309 | Full PDF Paper