•  Le-MATH: Learning Mathematics Through New Communication Factors

    Gr. Makrides and project Le-MATH partners

    Introduction: Many students claim that mathematics is often too abstract and therefore difficult to understand. As a result, this project developed different and innovative approaches by inviting teachers and pupils together to apply new communication methods in the learning of mathematics, which could be fun and enjoyable at the same time. An approach, that brings new ideas in the context of “play and learn.”This European project developed a new methodology for the learning and teaching of mathematics to students aged between 9 and 18, which subsequently can be used in any school environment. It will also make learning more attractive and enjoyable for all students and it will strengthen their skills for creative thinking. These methods could be used in other subjects of the education curricula, as well as for other age groups. The consortium comprises partners from universities, schools, mathematics associations, foundations, theatre schools, art schools and enterprises.The project activities contribute to the Education and Training 2020 as it is enhancing creativity and innovation among youth. It also contributes to the benchmark for decreasing low-achievers in basic skills (mathematics and science) to 15%. It promotes the European Cooperation on schools in fundamental aptitudes, by supporting the key competence for mathematics.

    Pages: 482 – 489 | Full PDF Paper