• Correlation of Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation Methods of Modern Transborder Processes

    Dr. habil. Serhii Ustych, Dr. Alex Rovt, Dr. Svitlana Piasetska-Ustych

    Abstract: The presentation examines system-methodological issues of quantitative (primarily statistical) and qualitative analysis of the phenomenon of modern transborder processes, in particular, at the new Eastern EU border. In it has been substantiated the necessity of introducing to the scientific circulation the notion “transborder system” and via it to identify the main components in the number of transborder phenomena. Are offered the basic techniques for expert’ qualitative and quantitative assessment of those components that have been included by the authors of the system for indexation and monitoring of transborder processes. Is also analyzed the value of the system statistical toolkit in the process of empirical sociological research of the borders and transborder phenomena.

    Keywords: qualitative and quantitative methods for assessing social phenomena; transborder processes; transborder system; indexation and monitoring; empirical sociological research.

    Pages: 166 – 177 | Full PDF Paper