• Coprime Integer Encryption Algorithm Upon Euler’s Totient Function’s Unsolved Problems

    Remzi Aktay

    Kecioren Sehit Halil Isilar Middle School

    For the natural number n > 1, Euler function gives the amount of natural numbers smaller than and coprime to n. However, there is no study to find out what these numbers are. In this study, the solution method of this problem which the Euler Function cannot respond to has been found. In this method, Groups, Cyclic Groups, Group Homomorphism and Group Isomorphism are used. In addition, Modular Arithmetic and Chinese Remainder Theorem were used. Thanks to the method found, at least two-levels encryption algorithm has been developed. In this algorithm, it is aimed to prevent related companies from backing up, especially in social media and various communication applications such as WhatsApp.

    Keywords: Abstract Algebra, Algorithm, Chinese Remainder Theorem, Cyclic Group, Group Isomorphism.

    Pages: 310 – 320 | Full PDF Paper