• Comparison of Parameter Estimation in the Exponentiated Gumbel Distribution based on Ranked Set Sampling and Simple Random Sampling

    Hossein Jabbari Khamnei, Sanaz Ravandeh Mayan


    Various parametric families of distribution in lifetime data analysis and failure models are used. In this condition, the gamma distribution, Weibull and log-normal named because of the shape and scale parameters flexible high plasticity analysis of different types of data, especially lifetime data are skew.

    Recently, a new distributed Exponential Gumbel distribution by Mudholkarand Srivastava (1993) and Nadarajah (2006) presented and analyzed the characteristics to estimate the parameters of the distributions. In this paper, we estimate the parameters of Gumbel distribution based on Simple Random Sampling, and Ranked Set Sampling, also we will compare these two methods.

    Keywords: Exponentiated Gumbel distribution, Order Statistics, Simple Random Sampling, Ranked Set Sampling, Maximum Likelihood Estimation.

    Pages: 490 – 497 | Full PDF Paper