• Alternative Representation of Semivalues, the Inverse Problem and Coalitional Rationality

    Irinel Dragan1, Pierre Dehez2

    1. University of Texas, Department of Mathematics, 411 S.Nedderman Drive, Arlington, Texas 78019-0408, USA. E-mail: dragan@uta.edu
    2. University of Louvain, Center for Operations Research and Econometrics, 34 Voie du Roman Pays, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Email: pierre.dehez@uclouvain.be

    Abstract: The concept of semivalue of a transferable utility game has been introduced by Dubey, Neyman and Weber as weighted sum of marginal contributions. Later, Puente has introduced a particular class of semivalues, called binomial semivalues, where weights are obtained through a recursive procedure. In the present paper, we extend Puente’s procedure to obtain an equivalent representation of semivalues that turns out to be useful to solve the inverse problem and the question of coalitional rationality.

    Keywords: Transferable utility games, Semivalues, Inverse problem, Power game.

    Pages: 68 – 84 | Full PDF Paper