• Preparation of Polyurethane Sheets Using Surfboard Manufacturing Waste and Evaluation of Their Properties to Use in Brazil’s Construction Industry

    Ricardo Luiz Barcelos, Anelise Leal Vieira Cubas, Ana Regina Aguiar, Luciano da Silva, Alexandre de Avila Leripio, Rachel Faverzani Magnago

    Abstract: The aim objective of this study was to identify the potential of PU solid waste generation to produce and characterize a new product, namely, thermal-acoustic insulation sheets. Polyurethane sheets were prepared by incorporating different percentages (3 per cent, 5 per cent, 10 per cent, 15 per cent and 20 per cent) of the PU waste collected, with two particle sizes into the matrix. The intended use of these PU sheets was as thermal and acoustic insulation for the construction industry. The properties of the sheets were evaluated through scanning electron microscopy (SEM), mechanical compressive strength tests, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TA) and determination of the sound pressure level (SPL). The results showed that the properties of the sheets are influenced by the particle size and the percentage of PU incorporated. From the SEM analysis it was observed that the material was homogeneous for all samples and for both particle sizes. Regarding the mechanical properties, the compressive strength of the sheets decreased with the addition of PU, regardless of the particle size. The DSC analysis revealed a Tg at -15oC and crystalline melting at 71oC for all of the sheets produced. The TA results indicated a degradation onset temperature of 200oC. The greatest reduction in the SPL was observed with the incorporation of 15 per cent of waste, regardless of the particle size. In this new approach a lower quantity of monomers can be used to obtain sheets with similar properties to those of the material with no waste incorporation. The results demonstrates that the production of PU sheets with the incorporation of residues is viable for providing a cleaner production technology with significant environmental and economic advantages.

    Keywords: Solid waste, surfboard, polyurethane, insulation sheets, construction industry.

    Pages: 103 – 120 | Full PDF Paper