• Preparation Methods of Carbon Nanotubes

    Edinilson José Slabei1, Alfredo Bruger Junior1, Elias da Costa2, Gino Capobianco3

    1. Production Engineering – UNIGUAÇU

    2. Universidade Estadual do Paraná – UNESPAR


    Abstract: The present work presents the study of the use of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), aiming to improve the mechanical properties of basalt derivatives. In this first stage of the research, the main methods of preparation of CNTs were evaluated, showing the temperatures, the main catalysts used the types of carbon nanotubes, ways to obtain higher quality CNT and higher performance methods. As results, it was possible to report that the methods that stand out are the CVD (chemical vapor deposition), current arc and laser ablation, with CVD being the most used. The results are preliminary and base to report results regarding the application of nanotubes in the improvement of basalt derivatives in future research.

    Keywords: Carbon Nanotubes, CNT, methods of preparation.

    Pages: 151 – 159 | Full PDF Paper