• Optimising Consistency of Voltage Output Using 3D Printed MFC

    Koh Jing Xuan, Ng Seow Teng, Mosammat Nazmun Nahar, GOH Yinglun Allan

    Abstract: A microbial fuel cell (MFC) exhibiting a higher peak voltage and more consistent voltage output has been cheaply constructed using 3D printing. MFCs are renewable sources of energy. Although they have a high voltage output, it is inconsistent. The orientation of the cell and interaction between electrodes and solution prevent high energy output from Bennetto’s cell (Kim, Chang, & Gadd, 2007) and the aim of this research is therefore to optimise the consistency of voltage output from MFCs by changing its size and orientation. MFCs with different dimensions allowing more interaction between the electrodes and solutions have been designed. The volume of solution the MFC can hold was increased and the cell was placed both horizontally and vertically to check whether reduced density differences within the solutions will affect its voltage output. The redesigned cells were 3D printed and the voltage for both redesigned and Bennetto’s cells were recorded by data loggers. Runs were conducted to compare voltage output of an original Bennetto cell and a printed Bennetto cell, a printed cell with same volume but different dimensions and a printed cell with maximised volume. The runs show that the voltage of the maximised cell indeed exceeded the Bennetto cell by 5.35%.

    Keywords: microbial fuel cell, 3D printing, renewable energy.

    Pages: 303 – 312 | Full PDF Paper