• Improvements in the Process of Obtaining the Sialic Acid Donor

    Yudisel Madruga Rosa, Mayra Reyes Moreno, José A. Ruiz García, Mercedes Rodríguez Edreira, Denia González León

    Abstract: Ganglioside N-glicolyl GM3 is over expressed in the tumour cells of breast cancer, while the Ganglioside N-acetyl GM3 generally known to be associated to various cellular and membrane processes including the modulating of immune system, for these reason that in our country studies on the action of this gangliosides are made, to constitute a key element in obtaining the VSSP, which are used as adjuvant in therapeutic vaccines against renal cancer, prostate and immune activation in patients with HIV. Both gangliosides are investigated as fundamental components of therapeutic vaccines, and they are formed by a sialic acid unit (donor), a unit of lactose (acceptor) and a ceramide lipid moiety. The first is a key intermediate which is produced in three synthetic steps. This paper develops a modification to the current method of producing the sialic acid donor, where the trifluoroacetic acid was replaced by sulphuric acid in the reaction for obtaining the methyl ester, which reduces by half the reaction time. In the third stage, the purification by column chromatography is replaced by solid-liquid extraction.

    Keywords: Ganglioside, N-acetyl GM3, sialic acid donor, cancer.

    Pages: 86 – 102 | Full PDF Paper