• Comparing the Performances of Aqueous Solution of Boric Acid/Borax and Powder Boric Acid/Borax in Corrugated Board Production Process

    Aysun Altan, Erdal Akıncı, Meral Arca

    Caran Kimya San. Tic. ve Ltd. Şti., 35060, İzmir, Turkey.


    Boric acid and sodium borates (borax) are essential constituents of the starch adhesives used in corrugated board systems. They modify the physical and chemical properties of the adhesive and hence provide the operation of the corrugated board production line efficiently. [1]

    Boric acid/borax holds potential risks to human health. In corrugated board, consumer exposure to boric acid/borax is not concerned since the starch adhesive containing boric acid/borax stays between the paper layers of corrugated board and the consumer does not get into contact with it. However, occupational exposure to boric acid/borax is a critical issue and occurs mainly through inhalation. The effects following the inhalation of the dust containing boric acid/borax are considered to be nasal and eye irritation, throat irritation, cough and breathlessness. Exposure to boric acid/borax may have adverse effect on fertility and be harmful for unborn child. [2] Due to their hazardous effects on human health, the alternatives of boric acid/borax are in search. However, in corrugated board adhesives, there is no alternative technology commercially available for now. [1]

    The preparation of aqueous solution of boric acid/ borax diminishes the health hazards caused by inhalation of powder form of it. However, the water solubility of boric acid/ borax is about 4 % at 20°C which is a very low concentration to be used instead of powder boric acid/ borax in corrugated board production. [3] In this study, we developed a technique to prepare the aqueous solution of boric acid/borax with 25,7 % of boric acid and borax content. When the aqueous solution of boric acid/borax was used in corrugated board production line instead of powder boric acid/borax, it performed well concerning the quality of starch adhesive and the efficiency of the production line. [1]

    Keywords: borax solution, starch adhesive, corrugated board.

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