• Chips Generated During the Machining of SAE-8620 Using Carbide Inserts Coated with (TiAl)N by the PVD Process

    Dilson de Souza Silva1, Anderson Figueiredo da Costa2-1

    1. Production Engineering, University Ibirapuera, Avenida Interlago 1329, 04661-100, São Paulo, Brazil.
    2. Engineering and Materials Science, Federal University of São Paulo, Rua Talim 330, 12231-280, São José dos Campos, Brazil.

    Abstract: Due to the development of the industry and the constant search for greener processes, it is increasingly common to reduce pollutants such as soluble oils in production processes. In the turning process, the greatest problem is the generation of the chip during machining without lubricating fluid, since the temperature generated in the part / tool contact tends to increase considerably, which can impair the shear of the chip and its flow, besides considerably increasing the wear of the tool and heating of the machined part. This research aims to contribute to the development of the industry, as well as assisting in the development of new ecological production processes, and for this, we analyzed the formations of the chips generated during the turning of AISI 8620steel without refrigeration. For this research, we used varied cutting speeds, keeping the depth of cut and the feed constant. For the characterization of the chips an optical microscope and thermometer were used to identify whether or not there was any change in chip formation during tool wear or when cutting speed was changed. Finally, it was observed that, even though the cutting speed was increased considerably from 350m/min to 500m/min, the formation of the AISI 8620steel chip remained the same and there was no abnormal formation during the process, on the other hand, there was a considerable increase in the temperature of the chip generated. This process can be applied in several segments of the industry, however, due to the high heating during chip formation and its dissipation, it is recommended that the technique analyzed in this research be implemented only in machines and / or equipment closed due to safety.

    Keywords: insert, carbide, coating, PVD, wear.

    Pages: 139 – 153 | Full PDF Paper