• Yield and Quality of Meat of Co, Bach Thao and F1(Bach Thao X Co) Goat Raised in Dak Lak

    Phạm The Hue, Le Anh Dương, Tran Quang Hanh, Tran Quang Han

    Abstract: The study was carried out in goat farming householdes in Dak Lak province from 2015 to 2017 to evaluate the growth, yield and meat quality of 120 Co, crossbred (BT x Co) and Bach Thao goats. The results showed that weight of 3 groups of goats at 12 months in Dak Lak was 22.55 kg; 29.28kg and 33.85kg respectively. Weight increase of goats gained 58.34 g/day/head; 75.47g/day/head and 88.58 g/day/head respectively. The percentage of carcass meat was high (43.32; 45.82 and 46.70%) respectively, the percentage of pure meat was 32.34; 35,30 and 36,7%. Meat of Bach Thao, Co and F1 (Bach Thao x Co) goats had a reddish pink color. L* value was 38.42 (Bach Thao); Co (38,46) and  F1 (Bach Thao x Co) (38,84). Meat yield of F1 (Bach Thao x Co) goats have been significantly improved. On the other hand, meat quality is well appreciated and goats were easy to farm, suitable for nursing in Dak Lak.

    Keywords: Bach Thao goat, Co goat, F1 crossbread (Bach Thao x Co), meat quality.

    Pages: 231 – 240 | Full PDF Paper