• Spatial Differentiation in Tree Formation Distribution of Kaz Mount

    Berna Hepbilgin, Telat Koç

    Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Sciences and Arts Faculty, Geography Department, 17020, Çanakkale, Turkey.

    Abstract: Mountainous areas are one of the most important geomorphological elements for physical geography researches in terms of reflecting physical geographic differences. With its location, Kaz Mount causes significant physical geographic differentiation in short distances in horizontal and vertical directions. In this study, the tree associations which constitute the  natural forest formation of Kaz Mount are classified according to their basic climatological needs and compared with the determined elevation intervals and their distribution on the direction of aspects. The distribution areas of tree associations of Kaz Mount, which are classified according to the temperature and humidity demand are discussed in terms of geographical differentiation with respect to the direction of the North and South aspects and the levels determined at intervals of 250 meters. It is achieved simple, reasonable and clear classification in associations of Kaz Mount. It is also attained their minimum and maximum distribution elevations at both side and obtained significant differentiations in associations and pure tree populations. This study is finally be a base for the next studies will analyze the detailed dynamics of tree distribution of Kaz Mount in detailed geographical aspects.

    Keywords: Kaz Mount, Tree formation, Aspect, Elevation, Spatial differentiation.

    Pages: 241 – 255 | Full PDF Paper