• Proportional Optimization in Traditional Houses Based on Bioclimatic Design

    Pourvahidi Parastoo1, Masoud Jahangiri2

    1. Architecture Department, Cyprus International University, Lefcosa, North Cyprus.
    2. Architecture Department, Islamic Azad University (North branch), Tehran, Iran.

    Abstract: In the past inhabitants used different techniques for surviving harsh climatic conditions. Thus, the ability to understand and optimize their logic, knowledge and experience in creating buildings is significant. One of the techniques used in traditional houses for adapting to climatic conditions is the proper proportion of open space and closed space. Also, the proportion of the openings on the different façades of the structure. Therefore, this paper investigates the relationship between the proportions of traditional buildings located in Babolsar (temperate and humid climate) , Ghazvin (cold climate) and Lar (hot & dry) to reveal that proper proportion in design could be one step toward creating buildings consistent with thermal comfort factors.

    Keywords: Vernacular Building, Bioclimatic Design, Green Architecture, Zero energy.

    Pages: 191 – 204 | Full PDF Paper