• Policies for Sustainable Mobility Promotion and Road Safety Enhancement at Urban Intersections

    K. Karagiannis1, S. Grigoriadis 2

    1. University of Thessaly, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Road Construction Laboratory.
    2. National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture, Urban Research Laboratory.

    Abstract: Urban intersections are the most complex points of a road network and the most important road sections to study. The aim of the present work is to develop a complete methodology to redesign the existing urban intersections, based on the principles of sustainable mobility, focusing on the traffic and parking issues and to increase their overall safety characteristics. The work is focused on the design of a sustainable and safe urban mobility system evaluating and redesigning typical intersections of a medium size European city such as Volos which have major problems. Initially, the problems of various types of intersections are recorded and the proposed interventions for a typical urban intersection between secondary roads are then presented. The interventions aim to increase the urban infrastructure, improve road sign placement, replan the parking areas and implement new technologies to create a proper urban intersection.

    Key words: Urban intersections, Sustainable urban mobility, Road safety, Visibility, Accessibility, Smart mobility.

    Pages: 39 – 57 | Full PDF Paper