• Design as a Tool in Prioritizing Domestic Problems

    Dr. Alaa El Anssary1, Dr. Ahmed Wahby2

    1. Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University.
    2. Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts, German University in Cairo.

    Developing countries face a group of socioeconomic problems which need new creative designed solutions. A holistic approach would be ideal. However, the governments’ financial capabilities disallow such an approach and problems are arranged in a hierarchy that follows a top – bottom approach. Prioritizing socioeconomic problems following a bottom -top scenario is possible based on what the younger generations perceive as the most pressing problems that need to be prioritized.
    The paper implements a methodology of statistically analyzing design problems that were freely determined and researched by design students as the most pressing from their perspective.

    Keywords: Design tool, Domestic Problems, Design Education, Design and Society.

    Pages: 1 – 8 | Full PDF Paper