• The Fuzzified Employability Model for the Perceived Multiple Intelligence of People with Epilepsy

    Siti Rahmah Awang, Rasimah Aripin, Md. Hanip Rafia, Tahir Ahmad

    Abstract: The focus of this paper is on the development of an employability model for People with Epilepsy (PWE). It describes the use of logistic regression to produce a crisp model and then fuzzy procedures are integrated into the crisp model to come up with a fuzzy model to be used to identify the optimal parameters of the eight intelligence skills. Next, the algorithms of the model were coded into C Sharp (C#) programming language to come up with the estimation of optimal combination of eight intelligences that improves the probability of being employed, P(Y=1).

    Keywords: Fuzzy model, Multiple Intelligence Theory, People with epilepsy.

    Pages: 12 – 27 | Full PDF Paper