• Liquid Vibrations in Cylindrical Quarter Tank Subjected to Harmonic, Impulse and Seismic Lateral Excitations

    Elena Strelnikova, Denys Kriutchenko, Vasil Gnitko

    Department of hydroaeromechanics of power machines, The A.N. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 61046, Dm. Pozharsky str., 2/10 , 61046,, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

    Abstract: Containers and storage tanks for oil, flammable and poisonous liquids are widely used in various fields of engineering practice, such as aircraft engineering, chemical, oil and gas industries, power engineering, and transport. These tanks function in conditions of high technological loads and are often filled with oil, flammable or poisonous substances. As a result of sudden actions of loadings caused by earthquakes, other force majeure, the intensive sloshing of liquid stored in tanks is occurred. This can lead to dangerous phenomena associated with the filler spraying. Therefore, studying the dynamic behavior of liquids in reservoirs is an urgent task. In this paper, we propose methods for solving fluid vibration problems in rigid tanks with partitions. The numerical method for modeling the external influence upon liquid storage tanks is proposed. It is assumed that the fluid is incompressible and ideal one, and its motion, caused by the action of external loading, is vortex-free. In these conditions, there exists a velocity potential that satisfies the Laplace equation. The mixed boundary value problem is formulated for defining the velocity potential. This is the base to obtain the own modes of free liquid vibrations in the cylindrical tanks, that are considered as basic functions for studying the force liquid vibrations in the baffled cylindrical tank. The lateral excitations caused by harmonic, impulse, and seismic loading are considered and their influence on the free surface elevation is examined.

    Keywords: cylindrical tank, baffle, free and forced vibration, sloshing.

    Pages: 31 – 41 | Full PDF Paper