• Estimations in Step-Partially Accelerated Life Tests for an Exponential Lifetime Model Under Progressive Type-I Censoring and General Entropy Loss Function

    Alaa H. Abdel-Hamid

    Abstract: Based on progressively type-I censored samples, this paper discusses some estimation methods in step-partially accelerated life tests when the lifetimes of items under use condition follow the exponential distribution. Maximum likelihood estimations for the considered parameters are obtained in closed forms. The observed Fisher information matrix is derived to calculate confidence intervals for the considered parameters. Bayesian estimations for the parameters are carried out based on (a) informative prior for the scale parameter and discrete prior for the acceleration factor, (b) both the symmetric loss (squared error loss) function and asymmetric loss (general entropy loss) function. The resulting Bayes estimates are obtained in closed forms. The precision of the estimates and a comparison among them are investigated through a Monte Carlo simulation study.

    Keywords: Partially accelerated life tests, Progressive type-I censoring, Exponential distribution, Maximum likelihood and Bayesian estimations, general entropy loss, Simulation.

    Pages: 75 – 93 | Full PDF Paper