• Attempts on Measurement and Visualisation of International Circular Migration

    Sándor Illés, Áron Kincses

    Active Society Foundation – Hungarian Central Statistical Office.

    Abstract: This paper provides empirical evidence relevant to the long-term international circular migrants admitted into Hungary. The principal aim of this research is to quantify the occurrence of circulation within international migration with the help of administrative macro-data. We measure the spatial patterns associated with international circular migrants. First, we define the concept of circulation within the conceptual framework of transnationalism. Second, we create macro-scale data set on long-term international circular migrants based on an original statistical method. Third, we seek to gain further insight into the extent of international circular immigrants by country of citizenship.

    Keywords: international migration, international circular migration, statistical measurement, spatial pattern, visualisation, Hungary.

    Pages: 39 – 54 | Full PDF Paper