• A System Reliability Model with Priority to Repair over Preventive Maintenance Under Different Weather Conditions

    Neeraj and M.S. Barak

    Abstract: The main emphasis of this paper is to obtained profit analysis of a two unit cold standby system with priority to repair activity over the preventive maintenance of the units working under different weather conditions. The both units are identical in nature which may fail directly from normal mode. There is a single server who visits the system immediately whenever required and works only in normal weather conditions. The operative unit under goes for preventive maintenance after a maximum operation time. Repair of the unit is done by the server at its complete failure. The unit works as new after maintenance and repair. The time to failure of the unit follows negative exponential distribution while the distributions of preventive maintenance and repair times are taken as arbitrary with different probability density functions. All random variables are statistically independent. The expressions for several reliability measures are derived in steady state using regenerative point technique and semi-Markov process. The graphical behavior of MTSF, availability and profit function have been observed with respect to preventive maintenance rate for arbitrary values of other parameters and costs.

    Keywords: Cold Standby system, Reliability Model, Preventive Maintenance, Repair, Priority, Weather Conditions and Profit Analysis.

    Pages: 644 – 654 | Full PDF Paper