• A Study of Sensitivity of Nonlinear Oscillations of a CLD Parallel Circuit to Parametrization of Tunnel Diode

    Haiduke Sarafian

    The Pennsylvania State University, University College, York, PA, 17403.

    Abstract: Tunnel diode aka Esaki diode [1] is a peculiar nonlinear electronic element possessing negative ohmic resistance. We consider a multi-mesh circuit composed of three elements: a charged capacitor, C, a self-inductor, L, and an Esaki diode, D, (CLD) all three in parallel. We parametrize the I-V characteristics of the diode and derive the circuit equation; this is a nonlinear differential equation. Applying a Computer Algebra System (CAS) specifically Mathematica [2] we solve the circuit equation numerically conducive diode dependent parametric solution; in general the solution has a damped oscillatory character. In this note we investigate the sensitivity of the oscillations as a function of diode’s parameters. We establish the fact that for a set of parameters the tunnel diode behaves almost as an ohmic resistor and that the circuit equation tends toward classic CLR-parallel circuit with linear damped oscillations. Mathematica simulation assists visualizing the transition.

    Keywords: Tunnel Diode, Electrical Nonlinear Oscillations, Computer Algebra System, Mathematica.

    Pages: 177 – 182 | Full PDF Paper