• Phytoremedation of Heavy and Trace Elements in Heglieg oilfield by Some Sudanese Plants

    Dr. Salma Abdelghaffar Hassan, Dr. Alawia Abdalla ELawad, Prof. Imad-eldeen Ahmed Ali Babiker and Dr. Osman Mirghani Mohamed Ali


    Heglieg oil field is located in the high wood land savanna zone in Western Kordofan State. The method used for the determination of elements was the atomic absorption (Perkin, 1994). One g of air dried plant leaves from: Acaia seyal. Khaya senegalensis, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Ophiuros exaltatus, sieved plants samples were placed into a furnace for 4 hours for dry ashing. The ash was kept in an Erlenmeyer flask extracting solution and 5ml (1M HCl) were added and the mixture was then placed in a filter paper into a 50- ml with extracting solution.

    The results showed that concentrations Ca, Mg in Heglieg oil field were high, and it were significantly different from control plants. Similarly concentrate K, Na, Zn, Fe, Cu and Mn concentrations in Heglieg oil field were low, and were significantly different from control, while Cr, Co, Cd and Pb were not detected.

    Keywords: Phytoremedation, Heavy and Trace Elements, Heglieg oilfield.

    Pages: 14 – 18 | Full PDF Paper