• Integral Indicator of Technogenic Soil Disturbance in Absheron Peninsula

    S.I. Nadjafova, N.M. Ismailov

    Abstract: Integral indicator of anthropogenic disturbed soils of Absheron peninsula is calculated, which allows to evaluate the potential of self-cleaning landscape. Integral indicator is calculated by the sum of the most important points of informative indicators of biological condition of soils: the enzymatic activity, the number of saprophytic and hydrocarbon oxidizing microorganisms, the ratio of the number of hydrocarbon oxidizing microorganisms to total population, phytotoxicity (seed germination). The indicators chosen for the following reasons: catalase and dehydrogenase – redox enzymes, they are most susceptible to contamination of soil by crude oil and petroleum products. The number of microorganisms characterizes the state of microorganisms in the soil and is an indicator of soil contamination. Phytotoxicity gives information about the soil condition and the conditions of the plant germination.

    Keywords: Anthropogenic disturbance of the soil, integral index, degree of anthropogenic impact, bioparameters of soils, the potential of self-purification.

    Pages: 143 – 150 | Full PDF Paper