• Investigating Physical and Environmental Priorities in Office Spaces

    Samir Sadek Hosny1, Ashraf A. Gaafar2

    1. Prof. of Architecture, Dept. of Arch.al Eng., FUE, Future University in Egypt. ssadek@fue.edu.eg.
    2. Assoc. Prof. of Arch., Dept. of Arch, Faculty of Eng., Shoubra, Banha University, Egypt. ashgaafar@yahoo.com


    To improve the quality of the built environment in office spaces, and more successfully satisfy the needs and requirements of different types of users, architects need to understand how different types of participants in the building’s life cycle differ in the values they place on specific physical and environmental issues related to different office spaces.

    This paper investigates priorities of different subject groups regarding a number of physical and environmental issues concerning the design of office spaces. The investigation includes three subject groups: architects (designers), users (different employees) and clients (owners). It addresses eight office spaces/settings, and nine physical and environmental issues, in order to raise the awareness of the issues impacting the effectiveness and performance of the office spaces.

    Pages: 53 – 65 | Full PDF Paper