• How to Survey and Conserve one of Big Mammals in the Tropical Rain Forest of Kalimantan?

    Chandra Boer and Alber L. Manurung

    Wildlife Ecology & Biodiversity Laboratory, Forestry Faculty of Mulawarman University, Samarinda, East Kalimantan. Indonesia.

    Abstract: Normally survey in the forest is during the daytime, when es the light from the sun come in to the forest floor.  For some species is important to go through the forest in the night to make nicht survey in order to meet some activities of nocturnal species. The big sources of salt is the sea water. Around 130 mill. years ago is the sea water covered many terrestial habitat included in the tropical areas. After that some of them left within the habitat (called as Sepan) and play an important role as a key mineral for surviving many big animals in the forest. Salt is essential mineral for many big mammals, since the scarcity of salt affected the distribution and reproduction of Rhinos, Elephant, Orangutan, Bear, Deer and others. There is an idea to prepare some places for salt licking (bring salt to research location from outside), which is part of wildlife management to prosper big mammals in the region.

    Pages: 157 – 161 | Full PDF Paper